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Aviation Sri Lanka 


Date:            21.12.1949      

Type:           Douglas DC-3      

Operator:     Ceylon Airways    

Year built:                   

Crew:           0 fatalities / 3 on board   

Passengers: 0 fatalities / 21 on board   

Total:           0 fatalities / 24 on board   

Location:     Trichinopoly (Sri Lanka)

Phase:         Landing

Nature:        Scheduled Passenger   

Flight:          Jaffna - Trichinopoly (Flightnumber )


The aircraft crashed on its landing phase.

Date:            15.11.1961    

Time:           08.51   

Type:           Vickers 768D Viscount    

Operator:     Indian Airlines

Year built:   1957    

Crew:           0 fatalities / 6 on board   

Passengers: 0 fatalities / 36 on board   

Total:           0 fatalities / 42 on board   

Location:     Colombo-Ratmalana (Sri Lanka)       

Phase:         Landing

Nature:        Scheduled Passenger   

Flight:          Chennai (Madras) - Colombo-Ratmalana (Flightnumber )


The Indian Airlines Viscount touched down about one third down the runway of Colombo-Ratmalana. The gear then retracted, causing the plane to swerving to the left off the runway. PROBABLE CAUSE: "The co-pilot interfered with the controls, and initiated overshoot action without any instructions from the captain, by opening the throttles and retracting the undercarriage at the critical stage of landing just after touchdown.