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3D, 4D three- or four-dimensional
4096 CODE the octal base, four-digit code used between framing pulses of a reply to identify an aircraft or for general use and emergency codes (XPD)
A ampere(s)
A autotuned navaid
AAC aeronautical administration communications
AAC airline administrative communications
AAL above aerodome level
AAMP advanced architecture microprocessor
AATT advanced aviation transportation technology
AAS advanced automation system (FAA)
A/B autobrake
ABC automatic brightness control
A-BPSK aviation binary phase shift keying
AC advisory circular
AC alternating current
A/C aircraft
ACAC air-cooled air cooler
ACARS aircraft communications addressing and reporting system
ACAS airborne collision avoidance system (FAA)
ACC active clearance control
ACC area control center
ACD automatic conflict detection
ACE actuator control electronics
ACE advanced certification equipment
ACIPS airfoil cowl ice protection system
ACF area control facility
ACK acknowledgment
ACMF airplane condition monitoring function
ACMP alternating current motor pump
ACMS aircraft condition monitoring system
ACNSS/ advanced communication/navigation/ surveillance system
ACP audio control panel
ACS active control system
ACS audio control system
ACT active
ACTC airport traffic control towers
ACTD advanced concept technology demonstration
ACU apron control unit
ACU autopilot control unit
ACU antenna control unit
AD airworthiness directives (FAA)
A/D analog-to-digital
ADA a computer programming language
ADC air data computer
ADF automatic direction finding
ADI attitude direction indicator
ADIRS air data inertial reference system
ADIRU air data inertial reference unit
ADL aeronautical data link
ADLP aircraft data link processor (Mode S)
ADLP airborne data link protocol
ADM air data module
ADMS airline data management system
ADP air driven pump
ADR address
ADR alternative dispute resolution
ADRAS airplane data recovery and analysis system
ADS automatic dependent surveillance
ADS air data system
ADS-A automatic dependent surveillance- addressed
ADSA automatic dependent surveillance- automation
ADS-B automatic dependent surveillance- broadcast
ADSEL address selective
ADSP automatic dependent surveillance panel
ADSSG ADS Study Group (ICAO)
ADSU automatic dependent surveillance unit
AECU audio electronic control unit
AED ALGOL extended for design
AEEC Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (ARINC)
AEP ARINC engineering practices
AEP audio entertainment player
AERA automated en route air traffic control
AES aircraft earth station (Inmarsat)
AESS aircraft environment surveillance system
AF airway facilities
AFC Aeronautical Frequency Committee (AEEC)
AFC automatic frequency compensation
AFC automatic frequency control
AFCAS automatic flight control augmentation system
AFCS automatic flight control system
AFD adaptive flight display
AFD autopilot flight director
AFDC autopilot flight director computer
AFDS autopilot flight director system
AFDX avionics full-duplex Ethernet switch
AFEPS ACARS front-end processing system
AFGCS automatic flight guidance and control system
AFI authority format identifier
AFIS airborne flight information system
AFIS automatic flight information service
AFIS automated flight inspection system
AFM aircraft flight manual
AFN air traffic services facilities notification
AFS aeronautical fixed service (ICAO)
AFS automatic flight system
AFSK audio frequency shift keying
AFSS automated flight service stations
AFTN aeronautical fixed telecommunications network
AFTRCC Aerospace and Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council
AFU artificial feel unit
A/G air/ground; air to ground
AGACS automatic A/G communication system
AGAE A/G applications engineering
AGATE Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (NASA)
AGC automatic gain control
AGCOS A/G communication services
AGCU auxiliary generator control unit
AGDL A/G data link
AGIS A/G intermediate system
AGL above ground level
AGR A/G router
AGRM air/ground router-regional manager
AGS A/G system
AGSS ACARS ground system standard (AEEC)
AGTS A/G test station
AGVS A/G voice subnetwork
AGW ARTS gateway
AHC attitude heading computer
AHRS attitude heading reference system
AI alternative interrogator
AI artificial intelligence
AIC aeronautical information circular
AIDC air traffic services interfacility data communications
AIDS aircraft/airborne integrated data system
AIED aeronautical industry engineering and development
AIEM Airlines International Electronic Meeting (AMC)
AIFSS automated international flight service stations
AIL aileron
AIMS airport information management system
AINSC aeronautical industry service communication
AIO analog input/output
AIP aeronautical information publication
AIP analog input
AIP Airport Improvement Program (FAA)
AIRAC aeronautical information regulation and control
AIRCOM digital air/ground communications service (SITA)
AIRMET airman’s meteorological information
AIRO analog input/reference output
AIS aeronautical information service
AIS automatic information services (Eurocontrol)
AISG Applications Interface Subgroup (IATA)
AIV accumulator isolation valve
AJPS AFEPS journal processing system
A/L autoland
ALC airline link control
ALC asynchronous link control
ALC automatic level control
ALPA Air Line Pilots Association
ALPS automatic line protection service
ALS application layer structure
ALT airborn link terminal
ALT altitude/alternate
ALD HOLD altitude hold mode
ALTM altimeter
ALTN alternate
ALTS altitude select
ALU arithmetic and logic unit
AM access module
AM amplitude modulation
AMASS airport movement area safety system
AMC Avionics Maintenance Conference
AMCP aeronautical mobile communications panel
AME amplitude modulation equivalent
AMI airline modifiable information
AMLCD active matrix liquid crystal display
AMP audio management panel
AMPL amplifier
AMS ARINC maintenance service
AMS apron management service
AMS avionics management service
AMS acquisition management system
AMS(R)S aeronautical mobile satellite (route) service
AMSS aeronautical mobile satellite service
AMTOSS aircraft maintenance task oriented support system
AMTS aeronautical message transfer service
AMU audio management unit
AMU ACARS/avionics management unit
AMUX audio multiplexer
A/N alphanumeric
ANC Air Navigation Commission (ICAO)
ANDC airport and navigation data compiler
ANICS Alaskan NAS Interfacility Communication
ANLP ARINC network layer protocol
ANP actual navigation performance
ANP air navigation plan/performance
ANS air navigation system
ANS ambient noise sensor
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANTC advanced networking test center
AO acronymic obfuscation
AOA angle of attack
AOC airport obstruction chart
AOC airport operational communications
AOC aircraft operational control
AOC airline operational control
AOC aeronautical operational control
AOC airline operations center
AOCC airline operations control center
AODB airport operational database
AODC age of data, clock (GPS)
AODE age of data, ephemeris (GPS)
AOG aircraft on ground
AOHE air/oil heat exchanger
AOM aircraft operating manual
AOP analog output
AOP aeronautical OSI profile
AOP airline operational procedure
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
AOR Atlantic Ocean region
AOR-E Atlantic Ocean region-east
AOR-W Atlantic Ocean region-west
AP airport location (ACARS/AFEPS)
A/P autopilot
APA autopilot amplifier
APA Allied Pilots Association
APANPIRG ASIA/PAC Air Navigation Planning & Implementation Regional Group
APB auxiliary power breaker
APB acquisition program baseline
APC aeronautical passenger communication
APC aeronautical public correspondence
APC autopilot computer
APFDS autopilot flight director system
APMS automated performance measurement system
API application programming interface
APN ARINC packet network
APP approach control
APPR approach
APR actual performance reserve
APRL ATN profile requirement list
APU auxiliary power unit
APUC auxiliary power unit controller
AQF avionics qualification facility
AQP advanced qualification program
AQP avionics qualification procedure/program
A-QPSK aeronautical quadrature phase shift keying
AQS advanced quality system
ARAC Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (FAA)
ARB arbitrary waveform generator
ARD advanced requirement definition
ARDEP analysis of research & development in Eurocontrol programs
ARF airline risk factor
ARM area regional manager
ARMC area regional maintenance center
ARP address resolution protocol
ARP air data reference panel
ARRAS airport remote radio access system
ARS administrative region selector
ARS automated radar summary (chart)
ARSR area/air route surveillance radar
ART automatic reserve thrust
ARTAS ATM surveillance tracker & server system (Eurocontrol)
ARTCC air route traffic control center
ARTS automated radar terminal system
A/S airspeed
AS-3 Avionics System Group 3 (SAE)
ASA aircraft separation assurance
ASA autoland status annunciator (AFDS)
ASAA ACARS system access approval (AEEC)
ASAC Aviation Security Advisory Committee (FAA)
ASAS aircraft separation assurance system (AEEC)
ASC aircraft system controller
ASC aural synthesizer card
ASCII American standard code for information interchange
ASCPC air supply and cabin pressure controllers
ASCS air supply control system
ASCU anti-skid control unit
ASD aircraft situation display
ASDAR aircraft-to-satellite data relay
ASDE airport surface detection equipment
ASDL aeronautical satellite data link
ASDR airport surface detection radar
ASE altimetry system error
ASECNA Agency for Security of Aerial Navigation in Africa and Madagascar
ASG ARINC signal gateway
ASI avionics system integration
ASIC application specific integrated circuit
ASL above sea level
ASM airspace management
ASM autothrottle servo motor
A-SMGCS advanced surface movement guidance and control systems
ASOS automated surface observation system
ASP ACARS subnetwork protocol
ASP altitude set panel
ASP aeronautical fixed service systems planning (AFS)
ASP acquisition strategy paper
ASPP application specific programmable processor
ASR airport surveillance radar
ASRS aviation safety reporting system
ASSTC aerospace simulation and systems test center
ASSV alternate source selection valve
ASTA airport surface traffic automation
ASTF airspace system task force
ASTOR Airborne Stand-Off Radar (UK)
ASV alternate servo valve
AT air transport
AT at an altitude
A/T autothrottle
ATA Air Transport Association of America
ATA actual time of arrival
ATAS aviation traffic and application software
ATC air traffic control
ATCA Air Traffic Control Association
ATCBI ATC beacon interrogator
ATCC area and terminal control center
ATCRBS ATC radar beacon system
ATCSS ATC signaling system
ATCT airport traffic control tower (FAA)
ATDL air transport data link
ATE automatic test equipment
ATE avionics test and evaluation
ATFM air traffic flow management
ATHR autothrust system
ATI airborne tracker illuminator
ATIDS airport surface target identification system/service
ATIS airport traffic information system
ATIS automatic terminal information service
ATL autothrottle limit
ATLAS abbreviated test language for avionics systems
ATM air traffic management
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
ATMAS ATM automation system
ATM DSS ATM decision support service
ATMS area navigation, test and management services
ATN aeronautical telecommunication network
ATNE ATN engineering
ATNP ATN panel
ATP acceptance test procedure/plan
ATPAC Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee (FAA)
ATR acceptance test report
ATR air transport racking
ATS air traffic services
ATS air turbine starter
ATS autothrottle system
ATSC air traffic services communication
AT/SC autothrottle/speed control
ATSGF air traffic services geographic filter
ATSMP air traffic services message processor
ATSO air traffic services organization
ATSP air traffic services provider
ATSRAC Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee (FAA)
ATSU air traffic services unit
AUX auxiliary
AVC aviation VHF car rental availability(messages)
AVH aviation VHF hotel availability(messages)
AVLAN avionics local area network
AVLC aviation VHF link control
AVM airborne vibration monitor
AVN avionics
AVOL aerodrome visibility operational level
AVPAC aviation VHF packet communications
AVS aviation VHF seat availability (messages)
AWACS airborne warning and control system
AWAS automated weather advisory station
AWG American wire gauge
AWIN aviation weather information
AWIPS advanced weather interactive processing system
AWM auto warning mixer
AWO all weather operations
AWOP AWO panel
AWOS automated/airport weather observing system
AWR aviation weather research
BDMIS business data management and invoicing system
BDS comm-B designation subfield
BEP back-end processor
BEPMS BEP management system
BER bit error rate
BFE buyer furnished equipment
BFO beat frequency oscillator
BGI bus grant inhibit
BGP border gateway protocol
BI burn-in
BiGs bilingual ground station (ACARS and VDL Mode 2)
Binary base-2 counting system
BIS boundary intermediate system
BISMS BIS management system
BIST built-in self-test
BiSync binary synchronous control
BIT built-in test
Bit a binary digit
BITE built-in test equipment
BLK block/black
BMV brake metering valve
BNR binary
BNS boundary notification system (squitters)
BOC bottom of climb
BOP/COP bit-oriented protocol/ character-oriented protocol
BP bite processor
BPCU bus power control unit
BPS bits per second
BPSK binary phase shift keying
BR bridge
BRG bearing
BRI basic rate interface
BRT brightness
BSN backbone subnetwork
BSC binary synchronous communication
BSCU brake system control unit
BSP board support package
BSU beam steering unit
BSU bypass switch unit
BTB bus tie breaker
BTMU brake temperature monitor unit
BU backup
BUEC BU emergency communications
BUFR binary universal form for communication representation
BWAN BU wide area network
Byte a grouping of eight bits
CAA civil aviation authority
CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board
C&C command and control (also C2)
C&W control and warning
CAASD Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (Mitre Corp.)
CAC caution advisory computer
C/A code course acquisition code (GPS)
CACP cabin area control panel
CAD computer-aided design
CADAG Communications, Automation and Data Link Applications Group
CADS centralized automatic dependent surveillance
CAE component application engineer
CAGE commercial avionics GPS engine
CAH cabin attendant handsets
CAI caution annunciator indicator
CALSEL variation of SELCAL system
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CARE cooperative actions on R&D in Eurocontrol
CAS collision avoidance system
CAS computed airspeed
CAS commercially available software
CASE computer-aided software engineering
CAT category
CAT clear air turbulence
CAT computer aided testing
CAT categories (I, II, IIIa/b/c) approach
CBA cost/benefit analysis
CBT computer-based training
CC connection confirm
CCB converter circuit breaker
CCB configuration control board
CCD category class diagram
CCD cursor control device
CCD charged coupled device
CCB configuration control board
CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee
CCITT Consultative Committee International Telephone and Telegraph
CCP consolidated control panel
CCS cabin communication system
CCTV closed-circuit television
CD chrominance difference
CD carrier detect
CDA coordinating design authority
CDG configuration database generator
CDI course deviation indicator
CDM collaborative decision-making
CDMS CDM system
CDP continuous data program
CDR critical design review
CDS common display system
CDTI cockpit display of traffic information
CDU control display unit
CEPT Conference Europeene des Postes et Telecommunications
CF change field
CFDIU centralized fault display interface unit
CFDS central fault display system
CFDU configurable file data unit
CFIT controlled flight into terrain
CFM cubic feet per minute
CFM configuration management
CFMU central flow management unit
CFS cabin file server
CG center of gravity
CHI computer/human interface
CHIS center hydraulic isolation system
CI configuration item
CI cabin interphone
CID category interaction diagram
CIDIN common ICAO data interchange network
CIDS cabin interphone distribution system
CIE Commission Internationale de I ‘Eclairage
CIP capital investment plan
CIP convergence & implementation program (Eurocontrol)
CIS common information services
CIS corporate information system
CLNP connectionless network protocol
CLNS connectionless network service
CLTP connectionless mode transport protocol
CM context/configuration management
CMC central maintenance computer
CMCF CMC function
CMCS CMC system
CMD command
CMF common message format
CMGT contract management
CMM capability maturity model
CMM component maintenance manual
CMM common mode monitor
CMN control motion noise
CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMP configuration management plan
CMS cabin management system
CMU communication management unit
CNDB customized navigation database
CNES Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales
C/NO carrier-to-noise density ratio
CNP com/nav/pulse
CNS communication, navigation surveillance
CNS/ATM communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management
CODEC coder/decoder
COM cockpit operating manual
COM communications
COMM communications
COM/MET/OPS communications/ meteorological/operations
CON continuous
COMSAT Communications Satellite Corp.
CONOPS concept of operations
CONUS continental United States
COP character-oriented protocol
COTP connection-oriented transport protocol
COTR contracting officer’s technical representative
COTS commercial-off-the-shelf
CP central processor
CP conflict probe
CP control panel
CPA closest point of approach
CPA collision prediction and alerting
CPC controller-pilot communications
CPC cabin pressure controller
CPC cursor position control
CPCI computer program configuration item
CPCS cabin pressure control system
CPDLC controller-pilot data link communications
CPE circular position error
CPI continuous process improvement
CPM core processor module
CPM critical path method
CPS cabin pressure sensor
CPS central processing system
CPU central processing unit
C/R command/response
CR change of request
CR contrast ratio
CR connection request
CRC cyclic redundancy checking/code
CRD current routing domain
CRDA cooperative research and development agreement
CRM crew/cockpit resource management
CRPA controlled reception pattern antenna
CRISD computer resources integrated support document
CRM collision risk model
CRM crew resource management
CRR cutover readiness review
CRS course
CRT cathode ray tube
CRZ cruise
CS common service
CSC common signaling channel
CSC cargo system controller
CSC computer software component
CSCI computer software configuration item
CSF command/status frame
CSMA carrier sense multiple access
CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
CSCP cabin system control panel
CSDB commercial standard data bus
CSDS cargo smoke detector system
CSEU control systems electronics unit
CSMM crash survivable memory modules
CSMU cabin system management unit
C/SOIT communications/surveillance operational implementation team
CSPA closely spaced parallel approach
CSTAC Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (FAA)
CSU configuration strapping unit
CSU channel service unit
CSU computer software unit
CTA control area
CTA controlled time of arrival
CTAF common traffic advisory frequency
CTAI cowl thermal anti-icing
CTAS center TRACON automation system
CTC cabin temperature controller
CTL control
CTMO centralized air traffic flow management organization
CTOL conventional takeoff and landing
CTR control zone
CTR center
CTRD configuration test requirements document
CTRL control
CTS clear to send
CTS conformance test suite
CTU cabin telecommunications unit
CU combiner unit (HUD)
CU channel utilization
CU control unit
CUG closed user group
C/UT code/unit test
CUTE common use terminal equipment
CV/DFDR cockpit voice and digital flight data recorder
CVR cockpit voice recorder
CVRCP cockpit voice recorder control panel
CW continuous wave
CW clockwise
CWI continuous wave interference
CWP controller/ed working position
CWS control wheel steering
D8PSK differential 8-phase-shift keying
DA descent advisor
DA design authority
DA digital-to-analog
DABS discrete addressable beacon system
DADC digital air data computer
DADS digital air data system
DAP digital service access product
DAR data access recorder
DARC direct access radar channel
DARP dynamic aircraft route planning
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
D-ATIS digital automatic terminal information service
DB database
dB decibel
dBA dB adjusted
DBI downlink block identifier
dBI dB referenced to an isotropic antenna
dBI decibels above isotopic circular
dBM dB below 1 milliwatt
DBS direct broadcast satellite
DBU database unit
DBU dial backup
dBW dB-watts or referenced to 1 watt
DC disconnect confirm
DC direct current
DCAS digital control audio system
DCD double channel duplex
DCE data communications equipment
DCGF data conversion gateway function
DCL departure clearance (European)
DCMF data communication management function
DCMS data communication management system
DCN document/drawing/design change notice
DCP data communication process
DCP display control panel
DCS double channel simplex
DCU data concentration unit
DCV directional control valve
DD data delivery
DDA digital differential analyzer
DDD dual disk drive
DDM difference in depth of modulation
DDP declarations of design and performance
DDR draft document review
DDS data link delivery of expected taxi clearances
DDS direct digital synthesizer
DDT downlink data transfer
DECCA a navigation system widely used by European shipping
DER designated engineering representative
DFA direction finding antenna
DFCS digital flight control system
DFDAF digital flight data acquisition function
DFDAMU digital flight data acquisition management unit
DFDAU digital flight data acquisition unit
DFDR digital flight data recorder
DFDU digital flight data unit
DFIDU dual function interactive display unit
DFIU digital flight instrument unit
DFS digital frequency select
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (Germany)
DFU digital function unit
DGNSS differential GNSS
DGPS differential GPS
DH decision height
DI data interrupt
DIFAX digital facsimile
DIP data interrupt program
DIR director
DIR/INTC direct intercept
DISC disconnect
DISCH discharge
DIST distance
DITS data information transfer system
DL data link
DL downlink
DLAP data link application processor
DLC data link control
DLCI data link control identifier
DLE data link entity
DLK data link (AEEC)
DLL data link layer
DLM data link management unit
DLME data link and message engineering
DL/MSU data loader/mass storage unit
DLORT data link operational requirements team
DLP data link processor
DLS data link service/system
DLU download unit
DM disconnected mode
DMA direct memory access
DME distance measuring equipment
DME/N DME normal
DME/P DME precision
DMM data memory module
DMS debris monitoring sensor
DMS data link management system
DMU data management unit
DoD Department of Defense
DoT Department of Transportation
DOTS dynamic ocean tracking system
DPI dots per inch
DPR dual port RAM
DPSK differential phase shift keying
DR dead reckoning
DRAM dynamic random access memory
DRER designated radio engineering representative (FAA)
DRN document release notice
DSAD digital service access device
DSARC defense system acquisition review cycle
DSB double side band
DSB-AM DSB, full carrier digital amplitude modulation
DSDU data signal display unit
DSF display system function
DSP digital signal processor
DSP display select panel
DSP domain specific part
DSPDRV display driver
DSR display system replacement
DSS decision support services
DSU data signaling unit
DTD data terminal display
DTD document type definition
DT&E development test and evaluation
DTE data terminal equipment
DTG distance-to-go
DTM demonstration test milestone
DTMF dual tone multifrequency (telephone)
DTPDU data protocol data unit
D-TOC digital transfer of communications
DTU data transfer unit
DU display unit
DUAT direct user access terminal
DVD digital video disc
DVF demonstration and validation facility
DVM digital voltmeter
DWAN direct WAN
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
EAD European AIS data base (Eurocontrol)
EADI electronic attitude director indicator
EAI engine anti-ice
EANPG European Air Navigation Planning Group
EAP engine alert processor
EAROM electrically alterable ROM
EAS equivalent airspeed
EARTS en route automated radar tracking system
EASIE enhanced ATM and Mode S implementation in Europe
EATCHIP European air traffic control harmonization & integration program
EATMS European ATM System (Eurocontrol)
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
ECACNAV Eurocontrol navigation Web site
ECAM electronic caution alert module
ECC error correcting code
ECEF earth-centered, earth-fixed
ECL emitter coupler logic
ECMP electronic component management system
ECN engineering change notice
ECO engineering change order
ECP EICAS control panel
ECP engineering change proposal
ECS engineering compiler system
ECS environmental control system
ECS event criterion subfield
ECSL left environmental control system card
ECSMC ECS miscellaneous card
ECSR right environmental control system card
ED EICAS display
E/D end-of-descent
EDA electronic design automation
EDAC error detection and correction
EDARC enhanced direct access radar channel
EDC error detection and correction
EDDS electronic document distribution service
EDI electronic data interchange
EDI engine data interface
EDIF engine data interface function
EDIU engine data interface unit
EDMS electronic data management system
EDP electronic data processing
EDP engineering development pallet
EDP engine driven pump
EDS explosive detection system
EDU electronic display unit
EE electrical engineer
EE electronics equipment
EEAS enhanced en-route automation system
EEC Eurocontrol Experimental Center
EEC electronic engine control
EEPROM electrical erasable programmable ROM
EEU ELMS electronics unit
EFB electronic flight bag
EFC expected further clearance
EFD electronic flight display
EFDAS European logical flight data server(Eurocontrol)
EFDP European flight data processing(Eurocontrol)
EFIC electronic flight instrument controller
EFIP electronic flight instrument processor
EFIS electronic flight instrument system
EFIS CP EFIS control panel
EGIHO expedited ground-initiated handoff
EGNOS European Geostationary Overlay System
EGP exterior gateway protocol
EGPWS enhanced ground proximity warning system
EGT exhaust gas temperature
EHSI electronic horizontal situation indicator
EHV electro-hydraulic valve
EIA Electronic Industries Association
EIA Electrical Institute of America
EICAS engine indication and crew alert system
EIPI extended initial protocol identifier
EIRP earth incident radiated power
EIS electronic instrument system
EIS engine indication system
EIS environmental impact statement
EISA extended industry standard architecture
EIU electronic interface unit
ELEC electrical
ELM extended length message
ELMS electrical load management system
ELS electronic library system
ELT emergency locator transmitter
EM element manager
EM electromagnetic
EMATS endurance management air traffic system
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMC entertainment multiplexer controller
EMER emergency
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMS emergency medical services
EMS engine management system
ENG engine
ENOC engineering network operations center
E/O engine-out
EOD end of day
EOM end of message
EOT end of text
EP engineering project
EP external power
EPC engineering project contractor
EPCS engine propulsion control system
E-PIREPS electronic pilot reports
EPLD electronically programmable logic device
EPR engine pressure ratio
EPROM erasable programmable ROM
EPS electrical power system
ERPDU error protocol data unit
ERB Engineering Review Board
ERD end routing domain
ERP eye reference point
ERP PDU echo replay protocol data unit
ERQ PDU echo request protocol data unit
ERU engine replay unit
ES end system
ESA European Space Agency
ESAS electronic situation awareness system
ESAS enhanced situational awareness system
E-Scan electronic scanning
ESD electrostatic discharge
ESDS electrostatic sensitive devices
ESH end system hello
ESID engine and system indication display
ESIS engine and system indication system
ESS environmental stress screening
ESS electronic switching system
ESSD electrostatic sensitive devices
ESU environmental sensor unit
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETAS enhanced TRACON/tower automation system
ETB end of block (ASCII/IA5 character)
ETB engineering test bed
ETC estimated time of completion
ETD estimated time of departure
ETI elapsed time indicator
ETM elapsed time measurement
ETMS engine-trend monitoring services
ETMS enhanced traffic management system
ETOP extended twin-engine operations
ETRC expected taxi ramp clearances
ETVS enhanced terminal voice switch
ETX end of transmission
EUAFS enhanced upper air forecast system
EUPS external uninterruptible power supply
EURET European research on transport systems
EUROCAE European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (European equivalent of RTCA)
EV earned value
EVM error vector magnitude
F fahrenheit
FA final approach
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (U.S.)
FAA/EURO FAA/Eurocontrol R&D committee
FAATC FAA Technical Center
FAC flight augmentation computer
FADEC full authority digital engine/electronic control
FAF final approach fix
FAI first article inspection
FANS Future Air Navigation System (ICAO)
FAR federal acquisition regulation
FAR federal aviation regulation
FAST final approach spacing tool
FAT factory acceptance test
FBL fly by light
FBO fixed-base operator
FBW fly by wire
FC functional capability
FC foot candles
FCA functional configuration audit
FCC flight control computer
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCDC flight critical direct current
FCP flight control processor
FCP flight control panel
FCS frame check sequence
FD flight dynamics/director
FD final data
FDAF flight data acquisition function
FDB flight plan data bank
FDDI fiber distribution data interface
FDEP flight data entry panel
FDH flight deck handset
FDI fault detection and isolation
FDIMU flight data interface management unit
FDIO flight data input/output
FDM frequency division multiplex
FDMA frequency division multiple access
FDPS flight data processing system
FDR flight data recorder
FDRS flight data recorder system
FDP flight data processor
F&E facilities and equipment
FEATS future European air traffic management system
FEC forward error correction
FEP front-end processor
FF fuel flow
FFIC free flight implementation committee
FFS full flight simulator
FGC flight guidance computer
FHA functional hazard assessment
FIB forwarding information base
FIFO first in, first out
FIR flight information region
FIS flight information services
FIS-B FIS-broadcast
FIX position in space usually on aircraft’s flight plan
FL flight level
FL foot lampert
FLCH flight level change
FLIR forward-looking infrared
FLW forward-looking windshear radar
FM frequency modulation
FMA flight mode annunciator
FMAC Frequency Management Advisory Council
FMC flight management control/computer
FMCF flight management computer function
FMCS flight management computer system
FMCW frequency-modulated continuous wave
FMEA failure mode and effects analysis
FMF flight management function
FMP flight mode panel
FMS flight management system
FMSG Frequency Management Study Group (ICAO)
FMU fuel metering unit
F/O first officer
FOC full operational capability
FOC fuel/oil cooler
FODA flight operations data assurance
FOG fiber optic gyro
FOQA flight operational quality assurance
FOV field of view
FPA focal plane array
FPA flight path angle
FPAC flight path acceleration
FPC flight profile comparator
FPGA field programmable gate array
FPM feet per minute
FPV flight path vector
FQIS fuel quality indicating system
FQPU fuel quality processor unit
FQR formal qualification review
FR frame relay
FRA flap retraction altitude
FRAD frame relay access device
FRM frame reject mode
FRMR frame reject
FRP Federal Radionavigation Plan
FRPA fixed reception pattern antenna
FRQ frequency
FSAS flight service automation system
FSE FANS systems engineering
FSE field service engineer
FSEMC Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Conference
FSEU flap slat electronics unit
FSF Flight Safety Foundation
FSM flight schedule monitoring
FSS flight service station
FSWE FANS software engineering
FT functional test
FTE flight technical error
FTP file transfer protocol
FTPP fault tolerant power panel
FVHF future VHF system study (Eurocontrol)
FW failure warning
FW firewall router
FWC flight warning computer
FWD forward
FWS flight warning system
FY fiscal year
G/A ground/air or ground-to-air
GA general aviation
GA go-around
GAAS gallium arsenide
GACS genetic ATN communications service
GAIT ground-based augmentation and integrity technique
GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association
GAO General Accounting Office
GATM global ATM
GBAS ground-based augmentation system
GBST ground based software tool
Gbyte gigabyte (billion bytes)
GCA ground-controlled approach
GCAS ground collision avoidance system
GCB generator circuit breaker
GCC ground cluster controller (ACARS)
GCS ground clutter suppression
GCU generator control unit
GDAP growing danger of acronym proliferation
GDLP ground data link processor
GDOP geometric dilution of precision
GDP ground delay program
GENOT general notice
GEO geosynchronous/geostationary earth orbit
GEP ground entry point
GES ground earth station
GFE government furnished equipment
GFI general format identifier
GFSK Gaussian frequency shift keying
GG graphics generator
G/G ground/ground
GGR G/G router
GGS GPS ground station
GGTFM ground-ground traffic flow management
GH ground handling
GHz gigahertz
GI group identifier
GIB GNSS integrity broadcast
GIC GNSS integrity channel
GIC GPS integrity channel
GICB ground-initiated comm-B
GIHO ground initiated handoff
GIP government-industry partnership
GIS geodetic information system
GIS graphical information system
GL ground location (ACARS/AFEPS)
GL group length
GLC geographic locator codes
GLNS GPS landing and navigation system
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (Russia)
GLS GPS landing system
GLU GPS landing unit
GM guidance material
GMC ground movement control
GMDS ground mobile data service
GMT Greenwich mean time
GMU GPS monitoring unit
GNA global network architecture
GNE gross navigational error
GNR global navigation receiver
GNSS global navigation satellite system
GOS grade of service
GOSIP government open systems interconnection profile
GPADIRS global positioning, air data, inertial reference system
GPCBT guidelines for the production of computer-based training (Eurocontrol)
GP&C global positioning and communications
GPIB general purpose instrument bus
GPP general purpose processor
GPS Global Positioning System (Navstar)
GPS L1 GPS L1 frequency
GPSSU GPS sensor unit
GPU ground power unit
GPWC ground proximity warning computer
GPWS ground proximity warning system
GR ground router
GRIP gridded binary (National Weather Service model output)
GRP geographic reference point
GS ground speed/station
G/S glideslope
GSC ground station controller (ACARS)
GSE ground support equipment
GSIF ground station information frame
GSM global systems mobile
GSMS ground station management system
GSP glare shield panel
GTC data link ground terminal computer
GUI graphical user interface
GVE graphics vector engine
GW gateway
GWS graphical weather services
HAD hardware architecture document
HARS high altitude route system
HCI human-computer interface
HCP heads-up control panel
HDG heading
HDG SEL HDG select
HDISK hard disk
HDL hybrid data link
HDLC high-level data link control
HDLC-B HDLC-balanced
HDLMS hybrid data link management system
HDOP horizontal dilution of precision
HDP hardware development plan
HDTV high-definition television
HE altitude error
HF high frequency
HF human factors
HFDL high frequency data link
HFDM high-frequency data modem
HFDR high frequency data radio
HFI human factors integration
HFNPDU high frequency network protocol data unit
HFS high frequency system
HFSG human factor study group
HFSNL high frequency subnetwork layer
HFWG human factors working group
HGA high gain antenna
HGAS HGA system
HGC head-up guidance computer
HGS head-up guidance system
HGS HFDL ground station
HHLD heading hold
HIL horizontal integrity limit
HIRF high intensity radiated field
HLCS high lift control system
HLE higher layer entity
HLL high level language
HMI human-machine interface
HMOS high density metal oxide semiconductor
HMU height monitoring unit
HO handoff
HOCSR host/oceanic computer system replacement
HOW hand-over word
HP high pressure
HP holding pattern
hPa hecto Pascal
HPA high power amplifier
HPC high pressure compressor
HPR high power relay
HPSOV high pressure shutoff valve
HPT high pressure turbine
HRD home routing domain
HRM home regional manager
HS-DSAD high speed frame relay service access device
HSI horizontal situation indicator
HSIT hardware and software integration test
HSL heading select
HSR high stability reference
HSRP hot standby routing protocol
HTC highest two-way channel
HUD head up display
HVPS high voltage power supply
HWCI hardware configuration item
HX heat exchanger
HYD hydraulic
HYDIM HYD interface module
Hz Hertz (cycles per second)
I&TE integration and test engineering
IACSP international aeronautical communications service provider
IAGS integrated ARINC ground station
IANA Internet assigned number authority
IAOA indicated angle of attack
IAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
IAPS integrated avionics processing system
IARP inverse address resolution protocol
IAS indicated airspeed
IAT investment analysis team
IATA International Air Transport Association
IBAC International Business Aviation Council
IC integrated circuit
IC intercabinet
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICARD ICAO five-letter name code & route designator system
ICC IAPS card cage
ICCAIA International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Association
ICD interface control document/drawing
ICD interactive design center
ICD installation control drawing
ICM interline communications manual
ICMP Internet control message protocol
ICNIA integrated communications, navigation and identification avionics
ICS interface control specification
ICSS integrated communication switching system
ICU integrated control unit
ICU instrument comparator unit
ID identifier/identification
IDC internal diagnostic capabilities
IDC indicator display/control
IDD interface design document
IDEN integrated digital enhanced network
IDG integrated drive generator
IDI initial domain identifier
IDP initial domain part
IDRP interdomain routing protocol
IDS integrated display system
IDS inter-domain system
IDS ice detection system
IDU interactive display unit
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC IAPS environmental control module
IEC International Engineering Consortium
IED insertion extraction device
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IF intermediate frequency
IFALPA International Federation of Airline Pilots Association
IFATCA International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association
IFC indicated final cost
IFE in-flight entertainment
IFPS integrated initial flight plan processing system
IFR instrument flight rules
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IGES intermediate ground earth station
IGES standardized graphics exchange file
IGIA Interagency Group on International Aviation
IGV inlet guide vane
ILA International Law Association
ILM independent landing monitor
ILS instrument landing system
ILSP integrated logistics support plan
IMA integrated modular avionics
IMC instrument meteorological conditions
IMG implementation manager group
INFO information frame
INAV interactive navigation
IN.HG. inches of mercury
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization
INMS integrated network management system
INS inertial navigation system
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
InterNIC Internet Network Information Center
I/O input/output
IOC initial operating capability
ION Institute of Navigation
IOR Indian Ocean region
IOS Internet operating system
IOT & E initial operational test and evaluation
IP Internet protocol
IPACG Informal Pacific ATC Coordination Group
IPC interprocess communication
IPC intermediate pressure compressor
IPD industrial products division
IPI initial protocol identifier
IPL illustrated parts list
IPR Internet protocol router
IPT integrated product team
IPT intermediate pressure turbine
IR infrared
IRAC Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee
IRP integrated refuel panel
IRR internal rate of return
IRS inertial reference system
IRS interface requirements specification
IRU inertial reference unit
IS intermediate system
ISA industry standard architecture
ISA Instrument Society of America
ISC integrated systems controller
ISDN integrated services digital network
ISDOS information system design and optimization system
ISH intermediate system hello
ISLN isolation
ISO International Standards Organization
ISO PA ISO protocol architecture
ISP integrated switching panel
ISR interrupt service routine
ISSN intermediate system subnetwork
ISSS initial sector suite system/subsystem
ISU initial signal unit
IT information technology
ITM IT management
ITS integrated test system
ITSE integrated test and support environment
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITWS integrated terminal weather system
IUPS internal uninterruptible power supply
IV isolation valve
JAA Joint Aviation Authority
JAR joint airworthiness requirement
JAR-AWO JAR-all weather operations
JATO jet assisted takeoff
JCAB Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau
JFET junction field effect transistor
JPS journal processing system
JRC Joint Resource Council
J/S jammer-to-signal ratio
JSAT joint system acceptance test
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
JTIDS joint tactical information distribution system
JV joint venture
KB kilobytes (thousand bytes)
KBITS kilobits
Kbps kilobits per second
kgls kinematic GPS landing system
KHz kilohertz (1000 cycles per second)
KPS KB per second
KTS knots
KVA kilovolt-ampere
KW kilowatt
L1 L-band carrier (1575.42 MHz)
L2 L-band carrier (1227.6 MHz)
LAAS local area augmentation system
LACAC Latin American Civil Aviation Commission
LADGPS local area differential GPS
LAHSO land and hold short operation
LAN local area network
LAPB link access protocol, balanced
LAT latitude
LBA Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Germany)
LCA layered component architecture
LCC leadless chip carrier
LCD liquid crystal display
LCF link control field
LCI logical channel identifier
LCN local communications network
LCP lighting control panel
LCR link connection refusal
LDA landing directional aid
LDA laterally displaced approach
LDCC leaded chip carrier
LDCS local departure control system
LDGPS local area differential global positioning satellite
lDOC long distance operational control
LDRCL low density radio _ communications link
LDU lamp driver unit
LE link establish
LED light-emitting diode
LEO low earth orbiting
LF low frequency
LFR LF radio range
LGA low gain antenna
LHP lighting HIRF protection
LIMNATRAN limited North Atlantic regional air navigation
LINCS long-haul/leased interfacility national airspace communications system
LISN line impedance stabilization network
LLC logical link control
LLWAS low-level windshear alert system
LME link management entity
LMI logical management interface
LMM locator middle marker
LMT local mean time
lNA low-noise amplifier
LNAV lateral navigation
LOB left outboard
LOC localizer/location
LOM locator outer marker
LON longitude
LORAN long-range air navigation
LOS line of sight
LPB loss prevention bulletin
LPC low pressure compressor
LPDU link protocol data unit
LPT low pressure turbine
LRC long-range cruise
LRM line replaceable module
LRR long-range radar
LRU line replaceable unit
LSB least significant bit
LSB lower sideband
LSD least significant digit
LS-DSAD low speed frame relay service access device
LS-FRAD low speed frame relay access device
LSI large scale integration
LSK line select key
LSN local subnetwork
LSP link state PDU
LTC lowest two-way channel
LV lower sideband voice
LVL level
LVDT linear voltage differential transducer
LVPS low voltage power supply
M mach number
MA message assurance
MAA maximum authorized IFR altitude
MAC medium access controller
MACC military area control center
MACS multiple access communication system
MAHWP missed approach holding waypoint
MALDT mean administrative and logistics delay time
MAN metropolitan area network
MAP missed approach
MAPt missed approach point
M/ASI mach/airspeed indicator
MASPS minimum aviation system performance standards
MAST multiaircraft simulation terminal
MAT maintenance access terminal
MAV micro air vehicle
MAWP missed approached waypoint
MAX maximum
MB marker beacon
MBE multiple bit error
MBER minimum bit error rate
MBPS megabytes per second
MC master change
MCA minimum crossing altitude
MCB microwave circuit board
MCC maintenance control computer
MCDP maintenance control display panel
MCDU multifunctional control display unit
MCN manufacturing control number
MCP maintenance control panel
MCT max continuous thrust
MCU multifunction/modular concept unit
MDA minimum descent altitude
MDC maintenance diagnostic computer
MDCRS Meteorological Data Collection and Reporting Service
MDL multipurpose data link
MDR mode digital radio
MDS minimum discernible signal
MDT maintenance display terminal
MDT mean downtime
MEA minimum en route altitude
MEC main equipment center
MEL minimum equipment list
MEO medium earth orbit
MES main engine start
MET meteorology
METAR meteorological aviation routine weather report
MF medium frequency
MFCP multifunction control display panel
MFD multifunction display
MFDS MFD system
MFIT mean fault isolation time
MFM maintenance fault memory
MGSCU main gear steering control unit
MGR manager
MHD magnetic hard drive
MHS message handling service
MHz megahertz
MIB management information base
MIC microphone
MicroEARTS micro en route automated radar tracking system
MIDU multi-purpose interactive display unit
MILSPEC military specification
MIL-STD military standard
MIMO multi-input/multi-output
MIN minimum/minute
MIPS management interface protocol specification
MIPS million instructions per second
MKR marker
MLA maneuver limited altitude
MLM mid-level management
MLS microwave landing system
MLW maximum landing weight
MM mass memory
MMI man-machine interface
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMR multimode receiver
MMS maintenance management system
MMW millimeter wave
MNCID management network category interaction diagram
MNPS minimum navigation performance specification
MNS managed network service
MO managed object
MO magneto-optical
MOA military operation area
MOA memorandum of agreement
MOCA minimum obstacle clearance altitude
MOD modification
MOD magneto-optical drive
MODEM modulator/demodulator
MOPR minimum operational performance requirements
MOPS minimum operational performance standards
MORA minimum off-route altitude
MOS metal oxide semiconductor
MOU memorandum of understanding
MPAR multipurpose airport radar
MPCU multiport protocol converter unit
MPEL maximum permissible exposure level
MPS maintenance processor system/ subsystem
MRA minimum reception altitude
MRR manufacturing revision request
MRT mean repair time
Ms millisecond
MSB most significant bit
MSC message sequence chart
MSCP mobile satellite service provider
MSD mass storage device
MSG message
MSI medium scale integration
MSK minimum shift keying
MSL mean sea level
M-SNDCF mobile-subnetwork dependent convergence function
MSP Mode S specific protocol
MSSR monopulse secondary surveillance radar
MSSS Mode S specific services
MSU mode select unit
MT minimum time
MTA message transfer agent
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBO mean time between outages
MTBR mean time between removal/repairs
MTTR mean time to repair
MTTRS mean time to restore service
MTBUR mean time between unscheduled removal
MTBUR mean time between unit replacements
MTC maintenance terminal cabinet
MTD maintenance terminal display
MTF maintenance terminal function
MTI moving target indicator
MTM module test and maintenance
MTMBIU MTM bus interface unit
MTTDA mean time to dispatch alert
MTTF mean time to failure
MTTM mean time to maintenance
MTTMA mean time to maintenance alert
MTTR mean time to repair
MTTUR mean time to unscheduled removal
MU management unit
MUS minimum use specification
MUSE multiuser system environment
MUX multiplexer
MWARA major world air route area
N1 fan speed
N2 intermediate compressor speed
N3 high-speed compressor
N/A not applicable
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research
NADIN national airspace data interchange network
NADIN II NADIN packet switch
NAILS national airspace integrated logistics support
NAK negative acknowledgment
NAS national airspace system (FAA)
NAS national aircraft standard
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASPALS national airspace system precision approach and landing system
NAT North Atlantic region
NAT North Atlantic tracks
NATA National Air Transport Association Inc.
NATCA National Air Traffic Controllers Association
NAT/NAM/PAC North Atlantic/North American/Pacific
NATS National Air Traffic Services (UK)
NATS North Atlantic track system
NAT TFG NAT Traffic Forecasting Group
NAV navigation
NAVAID navigational aid
NBAA National Business Aircraft Association
NC numerical control
NCD no computed data
NCI not currently implemented
NCP NAS change proposal
NCS network control system
NCS network coordination station
ND navigation display
NDB non-directional radio beacon
NDI nondestructive inspection
NDI non-developmental item
NE network element
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NESDIS national environmental satellite data and information service
NET network entity title
NEXCOM Next generation air/ground Communications system
NEXRAD next-generation weather radar
NFF no fault found
NIAC NAS Information Architecture Committee (FAA)
NICE NAT implementation management group cost effectiveness
NIMS NAS infrastructure management system
NIR network interface router
NIRV network interface router VDL
NIS not in service
NISC NAS information security coordination
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIU North American ISDN User Forum (NIST)
NIP network interface processor
NL network layer
NLM network loadable module
NLP network layer protocol
NLR Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory
NM network management
NM nautical mile
NMC National Meteorological Center
NMCCD network management category class diagram
NMCD network management category diagram
NMF network management function
NMIRS network management interface requirements specification
NMP network management plan
NMS network management system
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOC network operations center
NOC note of change
NOCAR North Atlantic oceanic concept and requirements
NOCC national operational control center
NO COM no communication
NOI notice of inquiry (FCC)
NOPAC North Pacific
NOTAM notice to airmen
NOTUS notice to users (ARINC)
NPA non-precision approach
NPDU network protocol data unit
NR network router
NRD network routing domain
NRP national route program
NRZ non-return to zero
NS network service
NSAP network service access point
NSC network service center
NSDU network service data unit
NSEL NSAP selection
NSEU neutron single event upset
NSSL National Severe Storms Laboratory
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration (U.S.)
NTF no trouble found
NTSM National Transportation Safety Board (U.S.)
NUI network user identification
NVM non-volatile memory
NVRAM non-volatile RAM
NWS National Weather Service (U.S.)
O&M operations and maintenance
OAC oceanic area control center
OAS oceanic automation system
OASIS operational and supportability implementation system
OASYS obstacle avoidance system
OAT operational acceptance test
OAT outside air temperature
OATS orbit and attitude tracking system
OBP operational build plan
OBS omnibearing selector
OBS optical bypass switch
OCA oceanic control area
OCC operations control center
OCD oceanic clearance delivery
OCIG Oceanic Communications Improvement Group
OCP oceanic clearance processor
ODA open document architecture
ODAPS oceanic display and planning system
ODIAC operational requirements for ATM air/ground data communications (Eurocontrol)
ODID operational display and input development
ODL optical data link
ODL oceanic data link
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OEU overhead electronics unit
OFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
OFDPS oceanic flight data processing system
OFP operational flight program
OGE operational ground equipment
OHU overhead unit (HUD)
OID object identifier
OJT on-the-job training
OLAN onboard local area network
OLDI on-line data interchange
OM outer marker
OMB Office of Management and Budget (U.S.)
OMS onboard maintenance system
OMT object modeling technique
OOA object-oriented analysis
OOD object-oriented design
OOOI out/off/on/in
OPAS overhead panel ARINC 629 system
OPBC overhead panel bus controller
OPS operations
OPS OPS per second
OPSPECS OPS specifications
OPU overspeed protection unit
O-QAR optical quick access recorder
OR operational requirements
ORD operations readiness demonstration
ORD operational requirements document
OS operating system
OSDS oceanic systems development support
OSE open systems environment
OSI open systems interface/ interconnection
OSIE OSI environment
OSI-RM OSI reference model
OSPF open shortest path first
OSR order status report
OTA Office of Technology Assessment (U.S.)
OT&E operational test and evaluation
OTFP operational traffic flow planning
OTH over the horizon
OTP Office of Telecommunications Policy (U.S.)
OTS off the shelf
OVHT overheat
P2FEP PETAL-II front-end processor
P3 I preplanned product improvements
PA passenger address
PA power amplifier
PAC path attenuation compensation
PACIS passenger address and communication interphone system
PAD packet assembler-disassembler
PAL programmable array logic
PAM pulse amplitude modulation
PAMRI peripheral adapter module replacement item
PANS-OPS procedures for air navigation services-aircraft operations
PAR precision approach radar
PAT process action team
PAU passenger address unit
PAWES performance assessment and workload evaluation
PAX passenger
PBD place bearing/distance (waypoint)
PBID post burn-in data
PBX public/private branch exchange
PC printed circuit
PC personal computer
PCA physical configuration audit
P-Code GPS precision code
PCB printed circuit board
PCC pilot controller communication
PCI peripheral component interface (32-bit local bus)
PCI protocol control information
PCM pulse code modulation
PCMIA personal computer memory card interface association
PCO protocol converter unit
PCU program coordination office
PCU passenger control unit
PCU power control unit
PD profile descent
PDB performance data base
PDC pre-departure clearance
PDCU panel data concentrator unit
PDD package design document
PDDI product definition data interface
PDF primary display function
PDL program design language
PDM predefined controller text message
PDM project development manager
P-DME precision DME
PDN public data network
PDOP position dilution of precision
PDR preliminary design review
PDS persistent data storage
PDS primary display system
PDU protocol data unit
PECT peer entity contact table
PED portable electronic device
PER packed encoding rule
PERT program evaluation and review technique
PETAL preliminary Eurcontrol test of air/ground data link
P/F poll/final
PF power factor
PF pilot flying
pFAST passive final approach spacing tool
PFC primary flight computer
PFCS primary flight control system
PFD primary flight display
PHARE Program for Harmonized ATM research in Europe (Eurocontrol)
PHY physical
PI parameter identifier
PIA performance, integrity and availability
PICS protocol implementation conformance statements
PID parameter identifier
PID primitive identifier
PID process ID
PIREP pilot report
P&L profit and loss
PL parameter length
PL project leader
PLA power lever angle
PM program manager
PM phase modulation
PMA parts manufacturer approval
PMA permanent magnet alternator
PMAT portable maintenance access terminal
PMC provisional memory cover
PMC PCI mezzanine card
PMG permanent magnet generator
PMOS p-type metal oxide semiconductor
PMP project/program management plan
PMS performance management system
PN pseudo noise
PNCS performance navigation computer system
PND primary navigation display
PNF pilot not flying
PNR point of no return
PO part of
POA plain old ACARS
POC point of contact
POC proof of concept
POH pilot’s operating handbook
POP point of presence
POR Pacific Ocean region
POTS plain old telephone system/service
PPDU physical layer protocol data unit
PPI planned position indicator
PPL processor-to-processor link
PPM pulse position modulation
PPM pages per minute
PPM parts per million
PPP point-to-point protocol
PPS packets per second
PPS pulse per second
PPS precise positioning service
PRAIM predictive RAIM
PRF pulse repetition frequency
PRI primary rate interface
PRM precision runway monitor
PROM programmable ROM
PRN pseudo random noise
PRSOV pressure regulating and shutoff valve
P/RST press to reset
PS power supply
PSA PS assembly
PSD port sharing device
PSDN packet switched data network
PSE packet-switching exchange
PSEU proximity sensor electronic unit
PSL projected service life
PSL/PSA problem statement language/ problem statement analyzer
PSM power supply modules
PSN packet switching network
PSPL preferred standard parts list
PSR primary surveillance radar
PSS proximity sensor system
PSTN public switched telephone network
PSU passenger service unit